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In Years 2-6 we follow the No Nonsense spelling scheme.
Children quiz every spelling session. Teachers may choose to use staff, self or peer quizzes in their spelling journals. Teachers quiz rules that have been taught previously, going over them again and again, following a period of forgetting.
Children take 7 words home each week and convert the words into sentences in their homework books. Children then have to know or find out the definition of the word to write it into the sentence. This also helps application in writing.
The 7 words children will take home - 3 are based on the learning that week, 1 is a word based on a rule taught previously and 3 are common exception/statutory words. Children are then be tested on these words informally every spelling session to ensure transfer into the long term memory. 
Children  have an error analysis sheet, used in conjunction with their independent writing. 
Children have spelling journals. This is where they will do all of their spelling practise during the sessions. They have a ‘Have a Go’ sheet or ‘My Try’ to use when independent writing. 
Children are tested on 20 words at the end of the half term. Teachers may choose to look at rules from previous year groups to test as well. Teachers can set these words based on what they feel they need to test.