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Early Years

We hope you like our Early Years page and enjoy our pictures showing you some of the things we get up to in Little Acorns for Nursery (from 3 years old) and Reception!

Little Acorns 2016-17

Little Acorns 2015-16

Little Acorns 2014-15

Picture 1 Setting the scene for our 'Ocean' topic.
Picture 2 Setting the scene for our 'Ocean' topic.
Picture 3 Setting the scene for our 'Ocean' topic.
Picture 4 Mermaid 'scarecrow'
Picture 5 Making mince pies to share with my friends.
Picture 6 Autumn display
Picture 7 Dressing up for' Community Helpers' topic
Picture 8 We borrowed a REAL helmet- it's a bit big !
Picture 9 Painting the duck from 'Cock-a-doodle-doo'
Picture 10 Playing in a box- the best fun
Picture 11 Threading wooden beads
Picture 12 We read 'Little Red Hen' and then made bread
Picture 13 There was a lot of mixing needed
Picture 14 and a lot of kneeding-no wonder Hen asked for help
Picture 15 Playing in our forest area
Picture 16 Mixing red and yellow to make orange with pipettes
Picture 17 Measuring ourselves with conkers
Picture 18 Weighing apples and pears from the garden
Picture 19 We have lots of fun on our interactive board
Picture 20 Playing in the Fantasy Cube
Picture 21 Diwali-rescuing Sita from the island
Picture 22 In the outdoor sandpit
Picture 23 Book time-the children look at and share books
Picture 24 Little Acorns Medical Centre was very busy
Picture 25 Busy at the Reception desk
Picture 26 'Just checking your blood pressure Sir'
Picture 27 Autumn colours and observational drawing of fruit
Picture 28 Coloured tissue paper designs in the conservatory
Picture 29 Five little peas in a pea pod popped.
Picture 30 Making cakes with playdoh
Picture 31 Playing on the log in our garden
Picture 32 How can we get the water from here to there?
Picture 33 We will need hose...
Picture 34 Some piping ...
Picture 35 Hurray !Collecting the water at the other end.