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Class 3

Acorns Primary Rocketeers

Acorns Class 3 Rockets (video 1)

Acorns Class 3 Rockets (video 2)

Picture 1 Chopping the onions
Picture 2 Preparing the potatoes
Picture 3 The first batch of Leek and Potato soup
Picture 4 Trying home made soup
Picture 5 What the children thought of the soup
Picture 6 Collaborating in testing the strength of a magnet
Picture 7 Planning how to solve a problem
Picture 8 In Maths designing our own nets
Picture 9 Exploring nets of 3D shapes
Picture 10 Using measurements to make our nets
Picture 11 Investigating magnetic objects around the school
Picture 12 Showing characters feelings with freeze frame
Picture 13 The class work hard on their Mr Smart book
Picture 14 Designing a Mr Men book
Picture 15 Exploring natural forms
Picture 16 Exploring natural forms
Picture 17 Pirates of the Caribbean
Picture 18 Tree Week -working in our Orchard
Picture 19 Making bread
Picture 20 KS2 attended a Black Month workshop
Picture 21 In Stratford to watch Shakespears Comedy of Errors
Picture 22 Discovering authors
Picture 23 We learnt about the rain cycle
Picture 24 Science project- magnetism
Picture 25 Science display
Picture 26 Pupils grew, cooked, tasted and compared potatoes
Picture 27 Six of our pupils took part in this display
Picture 28 Canoeing during Manor Adventure residential
Picture 29 High ropes.. wow that is high!
Picture 30 Raft building
Picture 31 Thatching project-art